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The Green Box Process is
The Greenest Path Forward
Green Box Int, LLC, Green Box NA, LLC and Green Box NA Green Bay, LLC are majority owned by the holding company of Environmental Advanced Reclamation Technology HQ, LLC (E.A.R.T.H.)
Page 1 100% Organic Solid Waste Stream Process
100% Reclamation and Sustainability
Page 2 Zero Waste Water Discharge
Page 3 Zero Landfill Required
Page 4 100% Post-Consumer Tissue Products
Lowest Carbon Footprint Products
Page 5 Only FDA Approved 40% Post-Consumer Pulp Content Paper Cups
Page 7 Green Box Requires No Electrical Supply
and will be able to Make & Sell Electricity
Page 7 Green Box Requires No Natural Gas Supply.
Production Gas is Produced and some is liquified to produce ASTM D975 diesel fuel
Page 8 Current Operations
Page 9 Environmental Impact
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